For years, Kim and I lived in a small Victorian home in the King William historic district of San Antonio, TX.  It was a grand old home with long leaf pine floors, 12’ ceilings, transom windows, and a wrap-around porch.  I purchased the home some years before meeting Kim and for a bachelor it was fine.  There was very little closet space; no garage; and small front yard; and an even smaller back yard that measured maybe 30’ X 30’.  After meeting and falling in with Kim, we married and quickly discovered the house no longer met our needs.  The main concern was the fact that the home built in about 1895.  It was poorly insulated and in constant need of maintenance.   This is fine for a younger couple but as Kim and I contemplated retirement we realized that to remain in this house that we loved so much would quickly begin to take its toll on us both financially and physically as we moved into our golden years.  In addition there was little room for our growing family of dogs, a cat, and chickens.  So, in 2012 we began to look for a home we could retire in; something low maintenance; and that would give us the room for our growing family of animals.  That brought us to Oakland Estates in northwest San Antonio, and our first look at the home on Hollyhock Road.

              (The Youtube video above was our first look at the property.)


From King William to Oakland Estates

In 2012, after 20 years of living in the downtown “King William” historic district of San Antonio, Texas, Kim and I moved to northwest San Antonio into a wonderful subdivision called “Oakland Estates”.  This website chronicles our adventure.